The Block Australia Winners

Who won The Block 2013?

The Block All Stars 2013 Winners: Phil & Amity

Contesting couples:
  • Phil and Amity sold for $1,670,000, (Reserve price $1,345,000, profit $295,000)
  • Josh and Jenna sold for $1,650,000 (Reserve price $1,375,000, profit $275,000)
  • Dan and Dani sold for $1,575,000 (Reserve price $1,355,000, profit $220,000)
  • Mark and Duncan sold for $1,370,000 (Reserve price $1,345,000, profit $25,000)

The Block All Stars returns ten years later to where it all started in Bondi, Sydney. The heritage-listed cottages are located at 6 – 12 Tasman Street, Bondi. Viewers of the show were invited to vote for their favourite couples to come back from previous shows at the end of season five. The four returning couples were announced in October 2012 and are: Phil and Amity from season one; Mark and Duncan from season three; Josh and Jenna from season four; and Dani and Dan from season five. Darren Palmer, who was a guest judge in seasons four and five, has replaced John McGrath as a permanent judge alongside Neale Whitaker and Shaynna Blaze.

Who won The Block 2013 in South Melbourne?

The Block 2013 South Melbourne Winners: TBA

Contesting couples: TBA

Season six is set to air on Channel Nine in 2013. The property is located at 142 Park Street, South Melbourne.

Who won The Block 2012 in South Melbourne?

The Block 2012 Winners: Brad and Lara

Contesting couples:
  • Dale and Sophie House One Blue
  • Mike and Andrew House Two Yellow
  • Brad and Lara House Three Green
  • Dani and Dan House Four Red

Season Five of The Block saw a move to South Melbourne. The couples renovated four double storey terrace houses located at 401 – 407 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne. Eight couples were again initially selected, with four being eliminated. Brad and Lara won the show with a reserve price of $1,114,000 selling for $1,620,000 at Auction giving them a profit of $506,000, the highest profit so far on the show. Dani and Dan came second with a profit of $448,000. Dani was much published in the press for being attacked on social media.

Who won The Block 2011 in Richmond, Melbourne?

The Block 2011 Winners: Polly and Waz

Contesting couples:
  • Josh and Jenna House One Blue
  • Polly and Waz House Two Yellow
  • Katrina and Amie House Three Green
  • Rod and Tanya House Four Red

The Block moved from Sydney to Melbourne in 2011. Richmond made the perfect location, with the houses located at 37 Cameron Street, 39 Cameron Street, 41 Cameron Street, and 43 Cameron Street. A few things changed on The Block, for instance, they moved from apartments to houses meaning contestants also renovated the exterior. Shelley Craft co-starred as host with Jamie Durie. Eight couples were initially selected for The Block 2011, with an illumination week reducing the couples to four. Polly and Waz, at 39 Cameron Street, were the winners as they made $15,000 at auction from a reserve of $840,000 and so took home the $100,000 in prize money. Rod and Tania, at 43 Cameron Street, actually made the most profit of $72,000, from a reserve price of $850,000, but as the sale was after Auction, they didn’t win the show. Josh and Jenna created a stir as Josh proposed to Jenna on the final episode of the show.

Who won The Block 2010 in Vaucluse, Sydney?

The Block 2010 Winners: John and Neisha

Contesting couples:
  • John and Neisha Pitt
  • Erin and Jake
  • Mark and Duncan
  • Chez and Brenton

Scott Cam replaced Jamie Durie as host of The Block in 2010. The winners were John and Neisha Pitt, who were the first to be auctioned off. They had a reserve of $900,000 and their final selling price was $1,105,000, making the highest profit for the show so far of $205,000. Second place in this season was Chez and Brenton, who didn’t sell at auction but later sold for a profit of $90,000.

Who won The Block 2004 in Manly, Sydney?

The Block 2004 Winners: Andrew and Jamie

Contesting couples:
  • Andrew and Jamie
  • Jason and Kirsten Johnson
  • Matt and Jane
  • Steven and Richard
  • Dani and Monique Bacha left the show

Season two of The Block started in April 2004. The winners of the show actually came into the show late, as two original contestants left the program in January 2004 two weeks into the series when it was reported that Dani (of Dani and Monique Bacha) spent six months in jail in 2002 for a drug related offence. Andrew Rochford and Jamie Nicholson won the show when their apartment, which was the third to be auctioned off, sold for $868,000 from its reserve price of $790,000.

Who won The Block 2003 in Bondi, Sydney?

The Block 2003 Winners: Adam and Fiona

Contesting couples:
  • Adam and Fiona
  • Paul and Kylie
  • Warren and Gavin
  • Phil and Amity

The first season of The Block began in June 2003 on Channel Nine. It was filmed in Bondi and hosted by Backyard Blitz presenter Jamie Durie. Adam and Fiona won the show and were widely considered the show favourites. Their apartment was the last to be auctioned and sold for $751,000, giving them the highest profit of $156,000 and the prize money of $100,000. Fiona Mills appeared on the cover of Ralph during the airing of the show in July 2003.

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