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13 Cattley Street
Burnie TAS, 7320 AU

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B&H Real Estate Real Estate For RentReal Estate For Rent in Australia

House for rent B&H Real Estate in BurnieHouse for rent B&H Real Estate in Burnie

4 Amy Street,Burnie TAS

House For Rent


Townhouse for rent B&H Real Estate in RomaineTownhouse for rent B&H Real Estate in Romaine

1/1 Acacia Drive,Romaine TAS

Townhouse For Rent


Unit for rent B&H Real Estate in SomersetUnit for rent B&H Real Estate in Somerset

10/60 Lyons Street,Somerset TAS

Unit For Rent

$220.00 per week

Last updated: 16/10/2018 15:44

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Perth rental vacancy rate at lowest level in 4 years

Leasing activity is up, median rents remained stable, stock levels have reduced, average leasing times were faster, and the vacancy rate has plummeted to its lowest level in more than four years, according to the...

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Get to know Vincent Doran, winner of 2018 Schools Auctioneering Championship

It's the first time the Secondary Schools Auctioneering Championship has had students from a New Zealand high school competing in the competition.

WILLIAMS MEDIA caught up with Vincent Doran after his win to...

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3 things pet owners can do to secure a rental property

Real estate FOMO is rife in the rental market, as desperate house-hunters resort to writing resumes for their pets, ensuring they put their best paw... er foot forward.

But it's not as ridiculous as it sounds...

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