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Property prices down across Australia: REIA

Only Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart recorded higher property prices during the September quarter, according to the latest REIA Real Estate Market Facts report.

With weaker markets in the remaining capitals,...

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Ipswich 'landmark gateway' commercial site for sale

Twenty years ago, James Thomson and Joseph Barakat began accumulating properties on a 4,450sqm site on the industrial outskirts of Ipswich.  

Realising the potential of land on the industrial outer of one of...

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"Cooling not crashing": HSBC forecasts house price growth of 3-6% in 2018

The Australian property market is 'cooling not crashing' according to HSBC's latest Downunder Digest.

HSBC is forecasting nationwide property market growth of 3-6 per cent in 2018, an outcome that will deliver...

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