The Block Glasshouse 2014

Alisa and Lysandra's The Block apartment resold for $2.375m after police seizure

The apartment renovated by Alisa and Lysandra on The Block that was later caught up in an insider trading scam has just been secured by investors - and it's already up for rent. The luxury Albert Park abode made over by The Twins during The Block Fans v Faves was seized by police, who believed it to be possible proceeds of crime, which put the twins' prize money from th…
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Buxton is back on The Block for Glasshouse

Having already popped up on episodes of the show, it appears that Buxton are confirmed to return as real estate agents on The Block, to represent competing couple Karstan and Maxine in the Glasshouse series. The team reason t…
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'The Block' co-host fails to sell renovated Byron Bay home at auction

With new series The Block Glasshouse underway, the contestants of the Channel 9 reality competition will soon experience the anxiety of trying to sell a renovated property at auction. It's something that co-host Shelley C…
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The Block announces 'Glasshouse' contestants - and may have bought next site already

After the success of The Block All Stars, and with rumours circulating about the location of the next series, Channel 9 have now revealed more details about newest season The Block Glasshouse - which appears to be attempting …
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Alisa & Lysandra's The Block winnings in jeopardy as apartment is seized by police

The luxury apartment renovated by Alisa & Lysandra during The Block Fans v Faves has been seized by police, believing it to be possible proceeds of crime - putting the twins' prize money from the show in limbo. It was …
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