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Home prices soar 10%

"Rumours of the death of the Australian housing market are widely exaggerated,” says Craig James, Chief Economist, CommSec.

Capital city home prices rose by 1.6% in the month of May to be an impressive 10.0%...

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Australian home owners owe $1 trillion to banks

Owner-occupier housing debt rose 0.5% in April to stand 7.3% higher than a year ago, lifting total owner-occupier housing debt to $1.005 trillion, says the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The annual growth rate was...

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Local filmmakers take animal-friendly estate to global audience

Founder of PeopleSoft and Workday, and avid animal lover, David Duffield, is asking US$39 million ($54 million) for his 21.5-acre estate in Alamo, California.

The asking price, if achieved, will be a record...

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