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ACTON Hills Helena Valley

Get to know Amy-lee Hay, finalist in the 2017 Schools Auctioneering Championship

Amy-Lee Hay was one of three finalists from South Australia in the 2017 Schools Auctioneering Championship this year.

The Schools Auctioneering Championship is an annual event held in conjuction with the...

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Next tranche of Millers Point public housing goes to market with McGrath

McGrath sold the historic Workers Dwellings building in Millers Point for $26 million, and will take the next tranche of former housing commission properties to auction on 11 October.

Proceeds from the sales...

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Build your own resort on this pristine beachfront for sale in Gili Air, Indonesia

For many, the island of Gili Air offers the perfect vibe, falling somewhere in-between Gili T's sophistication and the less-is-less Gili Meno.


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